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The Classic Septic Inspection division closes the gap created by poor standards, shoddy work, and insufficient dye tests. Our professionally trained septic system inspectors work with realtors, home inspection companies, mortgage companies, homeowners, and buyers to provide a thorough inspection.

The educated consumer can avoid taking unnecessary risks when buying a property with a septic system. Arrange for a separate septic system inspection before your next real estate purchase. Classic Septic may help you avoid costly mistakes.

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CSI Comprehensive Examination Includes:

1) Collection and review of available sewage system information
2) Locating, uncovering, and inspecting the treatment tank
3) Controlled hydraulic loading of the treatment tank and drainage area
4) Probing and/or soil boring of the drainage area
5) Identification of sewage breakout, lush vegetation or odors
6) Mapping the system
7) Comprehensive Report
8) Pumping (additional cost)

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