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New Jersey homeowners take heed; you’ve got bacteria in your septic system! Don’t panic and run out to buy gallons of bleach just yet. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, the best septic tank is one chock full of bacteria. New Jersey septic inspection company, Classic Septic Inspections, explains why and suggests a simple baking soda recipe to do the trick.

A fully functional septic system will have plenty of bacteria in the tank. In fact, it’s a vital part of sewage disposal. Bacteria are necessary to keep your system operating smoothly: they break down waste, keeping the sewage flowing properly and helping to filter it before it reaches the environment.

Septic tanks are only designed to hold a finite amount of waste. Remove the bacteria from the system, and the tank will quickly fill up with solid materials, which can mean big problems in terms of damage to the system, inconvenience to the household, and price of repairs.

Due to the proliferation of anti-bacterial cleansers and harsh chemical cleaning solutions on the market, so-called “dead” or bacteria-less septic tanks are becoming a problem Classic Septic Inspections of NJ and other septic professionals commonly come across .

Classic Septic recommends using green, environmentally-friendly cleaners, like a baking soda recipe, to help preserve the proper bacterial balance. These cleaners have the additional bonus of being non-damaging to that lush green New Jersey environment. If you have already been cleaning your system with anti-bacterial cleansers and are concerned about your tank’s bacterial content, there are commercially available septic bacterial treatments that can help foster the proper septic environment.

Septic Inspection Company in NJ Offers Baking Soda Recipe for Cleaning Septic System

Our simple and inexpensive way to clean fixtures that drain into the septic tank using a baking soda recipe.

Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda together with 1/2 cup of vinegar and 2 tablespoons of lemon to create an all-natural cleaner that leaves tubs, sinks and toilets spotless, and won’t harm your system’s bacterial balance. And if you have any questions about septic bacteria, or are concerned with your own system’s bacterial content, call New Jersey’s own Classic Septic Inspections for answers. The best way to make sure everything is functioning properly with your system is with a septic inspection.

If you suspect problems with your septic system or would like to insure it is working properly, schedule a septic inspection with Classic Septic Inspections.

Classic Septic does not do septic system repairs. We are strictly an inspection company. What that means for you is that you get an honest evaluation of your septic system. We have nothing to gain if your system needs repair or maintenance. We simply inspect your system to help keep your home environment healthy and free of septic hazards.