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Our hearts and prayers go out to the family in NJ who lost their toddler in a deadly septic accident in Lakewood, NJ. It’s a subject that warrants much more attention than it receives: Septic Safety. Of course we always talk about septic problems and backups, but safety trumps functionality any day of the week.

Your septic system is part of your home and, as such, maintenance and safety need to be addressed.

Here are some basic safety guidelines to review if your property has a septic system on-site:

  • Always have a cover over your septic system or keep it filled with dirt if buried
  • Manhole covers should be bolted (locked) down
  • When we inspect we never leave tanks open unattended and neither should you
    • If your tank is open for any reason (an inspection) be sure that your septic company uses flags and caution tape to mark the area
  • Lastly, if you have an older system, you need to pay attention to its condition.
    • Old cesspools don’t have round covers as the newer tanks do, they have concrete slabs that could be 3ft to 8ft long, and 12in wide. These slabs are often cracked and WILL cave in.

Homeowners should know where and what condition their tanks are in, and the dos and don’ts of what can be put over the tanks. Sink holes or depressions in the ground should be inspected as they could be early indications of a collapsing tank.

If you would like your septic system inspected, you can schedule an inspection here or give us a call. An inspection costs around $400, but when it comes to the safety of your family, you can’t put a price on that.

Call Classic Septic Inspections for more information at 973-900-1330.