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Novice home buyers eager to strike a deal on the home of their dreams can often overlook the importance of a septic inspection. Many times, home buying expenses are itemized right down to the penny but a septic inspection can surprisingly slip the minds’ of buyers.

With septic systems costing as much as $15,000, a negligent buyer overlooking a septic inspection could really be left with an unexpected expense to pay. Inspections by Classic Septic Inspections in NJ only cost around $425, less then 5% of what a buyer would pay if they had to replace an entire septic system in their new home.

NJ Septic Inspections Prevent Messy Repairs

How septic systems work:
Periodic maintenance is the key to extending the life of a septic system and preventing those costly and messy repairs. The accumulated sludge and scum from septic tanks should be pumped a minimum of every three years, or more frequently if a household consists of four people or more.

Unfortunately, the only way for NJ homebuyers to be sure that the system has been maintained and is working properly is to have a septic inspection company come out to perform a test.

Once the house is sold, any problems that develop will be at the expense of the new homeowner. NJ buyers are advised to allocate the money for a septic inspection to avoid the possibility of paying thousands of dollars for a repair or entirely new system.

Buyers prefer companies like Classic Septic Inspections in NJ since they only do inspections. They do not do repairs or maintenance, so the buyer can be assured they are getting a fair and unbiased report of their septic system.

A home’s septic system is responsible for removing solid wastes and maintaining the sanitary flow so that they can be safely disposed of, they do not treat sewage. A septic inspection will test all of the working components of the system to ensure that this is being done properly and without any back-ups. A septic inspection will keep your home environment healthy and free of septic hazards.

Classic Septic Inspections in NJ will perform a complete underground evaluation of all of the components of your system using digital cameras and TVs. A complete report will be created for you to keep on record.

NJ home buyers can learn more about the steps necessary to protect themselves and their investment by calling Classic Septic Inspections in New Jersey at 973.900.1330.