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Most people’s awareness of their septic system is limited to, “pull the handle, watch the flush,” and the vague knowledge that there’s a tank of objectionable material buried somewhere in their lush New Jersey backyard. Indeed, it’s easy to not even think about this vital component of your house – that is, until there’s a problem.

The repair costs for septic systems can be very expensive. If you’ve been handed an astronomical quote by a sewage company on a septic repair, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. However, before you cut a four or five figure check – or give up and start using a bucket – it’s a good idea to seek out a second opinion with a NJ septic inspection. There’s no better option than New Jersey’s own Classic Septic Inspection.

Much like you would with your car or your health, it’s a good idea to get bad news in your septic tank confirmed before taking action. Classic Septic Inspection in New Jersey does a complete evaluation of your septic system. This includes checking the tank, the fixtures, and the pipes, surveying the system, landscape, and drainage field layout, and examining for wear or damage.

We even have a fiber optic camera that we feed through lines in the system to check for problems. We check for system efficiency, make sure it will meet your water requirements, and insure that it complies with local codes. When you’ve got a major issue, we investigate it and come up with a repair plan.

Because Classic Septic Inspections does not do repairs, you can rely on the fair information we provide. Our findings are an honest appraisal of the situation, and we have no stake in the amount of work or parts needed to fix your septic system.

We’re not going to jack up the price to make money or suggest unnecessary work or parts replacement. We’ll just advise you on the state of your system, and what actions you need to take to get it working properly. We might even be able to save you money!

If you suspect problems with your septic system or would like to insure it is working properly, schedule a NJ septic inspection with Classic Septic Inspections.

For more information on septic inspections in NJ, call our team at 973-900-1330.