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Most people don’t think about their septic systems at all, besides occasionally staring down and wondering, “where exactly does it go?” after a flush. Out of sight, out of mind – a household system that’s mostly underground isn’t one that people will pay much attention to.

That is, until there’s a problem or failure in the line – a situation that’s likely to get messy and expensive. The best way to avoid failures is to have your septic system inspected for problems by a company like New Jersey’s own Classic Septic Inspections. But, for those who opt not to get a NJ septic inspection, or worse, already have a problem, Classic Septic Inspections provides some information on common failures or malfunctions.

A blockage or clog in the pipe between the house and the septic tank is one of the most common problems faced by septic system owners. This could be the result of an overfilled tank that’s in need of pumping, or a flushed foreign object becoming lodged in the line. The line between the house and the tank can also become broken through physical force, such as heavy machinery passing over top.

Other problems that can cause a septic failure include flood conditions that raise water tables, overuse of the septic system to the point of backup, or environmental factors such as soil collapse or vegetation overgrowth interfering with pipes or lines. Physical damage such as cracks or leaks in pipes or water lines can also be a source of septic system failure. Simple age related failures of components are possible in older systems, and systems with a pump can experience mechanical failure.

Most major septic system failures can be prevented if found early enough septic inspection. If you suspect problems with your septic system or would like to insure it is working properly, schedule a NJ septic inspection with Classic Septic Inspections. Classic Septic does not do septic system repairs.

We are strictly an inspection company. What that means for you is that you get an honest evaluation of your septic system. We have nothing to gain if your system needs repair or maintenance. We simply inspect your system to help keep your home environment healthy and free of septic hazards.

For more information on septic inspections in NJ, call our team at 973-900-1330.