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Septic systems are like made-for-tv movies – everything about them stinks and no one likes to think about them unless they have to. Still, unlike made-for-tv movies, spending some time considering your septic system can pay off in the long run.

Most septic problems can be fixed for much less money if they’re discovered before causing a leak, clog, back up or failure. Routine inspection from a septic inspection company like NJ’s own Classic Septic is the best way to make sure your septic system is in good working order.

Septic failures usually require two week repair times and bills that stretch into 4-figure territory because they require a major overhaul of the system or drain field. Meanwhile, inspection, pumping, and small routine repairs can often be finished in an afternoon and cost less than a night in Atlantic City.

Unlike other household components, there’s not much an individual homeowner can diagnose or fix on his own with a septic system. You simply have to bring in professionals for the job – and the professionals from Classic Septic who come with a clipboard and camera before there’s a problem are much cheaper than the professionals from the septic tank installation company who come with a backhoe, work crew, and $3000 worth of parts.

Everyone knows that regular maintenance is key to getting the maximum life out of important appliances or possessions. The most important kind of maintenance you can do to ensure your septic system’s longevity is to make sure it’s working properly and regularly pumped.

A Classic Septic inspection will give you the inside look at your septic system – literally, with fiber optic cameras. Your Classic Septic expert will be able to tell you about the condition of your septic system and all its workings, as well as advise you on a septic pumping schedule.

Preventative Maintenance is Best for Septic Systems:

The best kind of maintenance is the preventative kind, and the good news is, that kind of maintenance comes much cheaper than a septic repair. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection recommends septic system inspection, and Classic Septic is the NJ company for the job. Don’t flush money down the toilet later, call Classic Septic now before there’s a problem.

If you suspect problems with your septic system or would like to insure it is working properly, schedule a NJ septic inspection with Classic Septic Inspections. Classic Septic does not do septic system repairs.

We are strictly an inspection company. What that means for you is that you get an honest evaluation of your septic system. We have nothing to gain if your system needs repair or maintenance. We simply inspect your system to help keep your home environment healthy and free of septic hazards.

For more information on septic inspections in NJ, call our team at 973-900-1330.