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Unlike wine or foreign sports cars, septic systems aren’t known for aging gracefully. Chances are, if you’re a suburban or rural New Jersey resident, your septic system was installed prior to when you moved into your house.

That means it could be as old as the water fountain at your high school – and twice as leaky. Outdated septic systems can be a big problem for homeowners and the environment.

Not only are outdated septic systems at risk for failure and catastrophic repair bills, they’re an environmental hazard as well. Older septic tanks may have leaks or breakdowns, releasing toxic materials and chemicals into the soil and local water table. Tanks with leaks may not have the proper bacteria, preventing the waste from being properly decomposed by microorganisms.

Meanwhile, systems with a faulty drain field may not properly remove fine solids and accompanying bacteria, releasing toxic materials into the environment. Some older septic systems leave out the filtration component altogether, leaving untreated sludge to seep into the ground.

Leaking or seeping septic systems can seep sewage materials into the local ecosystem, poisoning local plant and animal life. The problem can be even worse near streams and rivers, where old septic systems can lead to contamination. The results aren’t pretty – for local wildlife, or for people using the bodies of water.

Older Septic Tanks May Not Be Up to NJ Code:

Many older septic systems aren’t up to local codes, and being found to be in violation could result in a fine, in addition to being forced to bring your system into compliance. A noncompliant septic system can also complicate a future home sale. The New Jersey Department of Environment Protection endorses septic system inspection, and part of the reason is to make sure a system is not leaking or out of date.

It’s important to know what you’re dealing with when it comes to your septic system. Though it’s buried underground and hidden behind the walls, the septic system is an important part of your house. That’s why Classic Septic Inspections recommends that every New Jersey homeowner who hasn’t had one in the last 15 years undergo a septic system inspection.

If you suspect problems with your septic system or would like to insure it is working properly, schedule a NJ septic inspection with Classic Septic Inspections. Classic Septic does not do septic system repairs. We are strictly an inspection company.

What that means for you is that you get an honest evaluation of your septic system. We have nothing to gain if your system needs repair or maintenance. We simply inspect your system to help keep your home environment healthy and free of septic hazards.