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Bacteria in the septic system may sound like a problem to most homeowners, but Classic Septic Inspections would like to remind New Jersey residents that some septic bacteria is actually a good thing. In fact, certain types of bacteria are essential to a septic system functioning, as it breaks down waste, keeping the sewage flowing properly and helping to filter it before it reaches the environment.

So-called “dead” septic tanks are a problem increasingly encountered by plumbers and septic inspection professionals. The recent proliferation of anti-bacterial cleansers and bleach-based cleaners is to blame for the issue, as these products kill the good bacteria in the septic system right alongside the harmful stuff. A tank with insufficient or no septic bacteria will cease to function properly, accumulating solid waste and filling much too fast. This can lead to clogs and drainage issues, as well as damage to the septic system.

Classic Septic Inspections of New Jersey recommends that homeowners use an eco-friendly cleaner in their home. This will preserve crucial septic bacteria, and is better overall for the environment. Another solution is a septic tank bacteria treatment. This helps restore the proper bacteria balance to the septic tank, offsetting any damage done by home cleaners and disinfectants.

As always, any homeowner concerned about their septic system, including appropriate bacterial content, should contact a septic inspection company like Classic Septic Inspections of New Jersey. During a septic inspection, the entirety of the system is assessed for functionality, and home-owners are advised of any issues.

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