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New Jersey homeowners be warned – the toilet is not a trash can, no matter how gross the item of refuse may be. Classic Septic Inspections of New Jersey reminds residents that the septic system is no substitute for a garbage dump, and that flushing items that don’t belong can cause clogs, water back ups, drainage problems, or even damage to the septic system.
The toilet should never be used to dispose of trash or bathroom products like baby wipes or feminine hygiene items. Though the toilet may seem capable of removing somewhat large items, the septic system contains small pipes often no bigger than a few inches in diameter. It’s not hard to clog up these pipes with trash, possibly resulting in an expensive house call from the plumber.

Additionally, a septic system is only designed to contain waste and products that breakdown in water. Most solid waste is broken down by bacteria in the septic tank, which keeps the tank clear and occlusion free. Most household items don’t breakdown, and while you may be lucky enough to avoid a pipe clog if you flush one, these items will fill up the septic tank and lead to other problems.

The issue can be especially bad in older style septic systems like those in many suburban New Jersey households. These systems are more sensitive to backups and more prone to overflow or clogging. Classic Septic Inspections of New Jersey advises you to always dispose of trash in the trash can, especially if it’s diapers or baby wipes!

If you suspect problems with your septic system or would like to ensure it is working properly, schedule a NJ septic inspection with Classic Septic Inspections. Classic Septic does not do septic system repairs. We are strictly a septic inspection company. What that means for you is that you get an honest evaluation of your septic system. We have nothing to gain if your system needs repair or maintenance. We simply inspect your system to help keep your home environment healthy and free of septic hazards.

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